All Prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclude GST (All items add 10% gst).

These rates are effective from the 1st July, 2008. Terms and Conditions Apply.

The new rates are listed below and apply to all new clients.



Hourly Rate $


Design & Development

  By-the-Hour 1.

Web programming (Offsite)

The design, development or maintenance of web sites or components either new or modifying existing, from Silver Bull IT's premises.


Web programming (Onsite)

As Above on clients site.


Database Development (Offsite)

Design, development or maintenance of databases and components on Silver Bull IT's premises


Database Development (Onsite)

As above on clients site.


Computer Maintenance

Installation, trouble shooting, repair or configuration of hardware and/or packaged software on PC's, laptops or servers



Installation, trouble shooting, repair or configuration of networks and associated devices


General consulting (offsite)

All other tasks not already covered in above rates e.g. Project Management, Business Analysis performed on Silver Bull IT's premises


General consulting (offsite)

As above on client site


Hourly Rate:

Hourly rate is inclusive of motor vehicle travel within 1 hr of Silver Bull IT's premises, distances above this will be negotiated based on hours performed and distances travelled.

Offsite rate:

A lower rate for work done offsite at our offices, minimising your disruptions while allowing us to schedule the work more effectively.

Rate Guarantees:

Our rates are guaranteed for the life of a project or a fixed interval. So if your have a project approved, it stays at that rate until completion.

Discount/Fixed Term Rates:

SilverBull IT may discount the rates, for larger scale projects, or may sign a fixed rate contract to help clients with upfront budgeting requirements. This can be negotiated on an as needed basis.

2008 Rates.

All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are exclusive of GST.These rates are are effective from February 18th, 2008. All rates are subject to our normal process and notification. Sunday/Public Holiday work will be charged at between 25 and 50% higher rates. Rates do not include material costs, all material costs will be costed in quotes seperately to the labour costs.

1 1hr minimum for Offsite -- The minimum charge for engaging our services. Onsite services typically have a minimum of 2 hours for those within 1 hr proximity to the Melbourne CBD or Western Melbourne, other minimums are set in the terms & conditions prior to engagement. All billing in is 15 minute increments or part thereof.